Peaceful Parenting Meditation Album
ReWire Your Brain
✓ Listen to guided meditations as you fall asleep, mop toddler pee off the floor or pack up tiny lunchboxes. 
✓ Feel soothed, centered and reminded of your commitment to peaceful parenting.​
✓ Rewire your brain so that a mindful, conscious presence becomes your default.

✓ Affirmations to help you set intentions for the day ahead.

✓ Meditations to manifest good behavior in your children. 

✓ Listen regularly and see profound improvements in your approach to parenting.
7-Track Album 
1. Good Enough Parent Affirmations
2. Hard Parenting Day Meditation
3. Intention Setting for Tomorrow Meditation
4. Manifesting the Best in Your Child Meditation
5. Parental Intuition Meditation
6. Peaceful Parenting Affirmations
7. Peaceful Tantrum Meditation
Instantly downloadable, completely unique, guided meditations to help you heal and repair after a hard day of parenting.​
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"A WONDERFUL concept. So many parents need this kind of instruction! Avital's work opens up an emotionally intelligent dialogue for parents to focus on approaching parenting consciously."
- Dr. Shefali Tsabury
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