Get the wisdom and inspiration it takes to create a childhood experience that’s full of joy and aligned with your goals and values — whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned parent.
You want harmony at home and deep nourishing play.
You want to feel confident and capable. (Goodbye victimom!) 

You want to MAKE SURE that your children are getting what they need, right?

You want to feel supported, and to have a community of like-minded parents, don't you?

You want your kids to reap all the benefits of independent play. 
But sometimes you might feel "stuck" in survival mode.
Can you relate to any of these?
"I want to LOVE and cherish this precious time with my kids - but in reality I'm waiting for bedtime everyday."

"I'm stressed out by the mess, clutter and chores that are on my shoulders alone."

"I love my child dearly, but I need some time to take care of myself!"

"I'm the only one I know who parents peacefully - I feel so isolated and misunderstood."

"My kids are always fighting and it's really triggering for me."

"My baby is only little and I want to start off on the right path."

"I worry about messing my kids up."

"I need inspiration and support, to stay on the path I'm passionate about."
If any of these quotes sound like you, I’d love for you to join us in Present Play. We’ll help you create the home design and daily flow you desire, support your children's health and well-being, and save you years of frustration and exhaustion.
Hi, I'm Avital and I totally get it.
I'm the mother of four littles myself and I know first hand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in a bunch of ruts with clingy kids, a  cluttered home, little-to-no support and a sense that I'm "messing it up". 

I know how tiring it can be to be up with the baby all night, to deal with sibling rivalry all day and to "fight" for your alternative parenting choices.

I want you to know: Your issues are not impossible to solve, you are not at a dead end. 

You are at the precipice of an incredible journey. I've been on it myself, personally, and guided others as they navigate the path to finding harmony at home. I've seen this with hundreds of Present Play Members. I'm here to tell you... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
This is exactly why I created the Present Play membership.
Here's what you'll get in PRESENT PLAY:
Whether you want to declutter your home and set up play zones, bring in flow, mindfulness and connection to your days, or you’re a brand new parent and you want support... Present Play is for you. This online membership program provides the inspiration, accountability and guilt-free community that are vital to creating joy in modern family life.
Craft an exciting vision for your family, home and lifestyle and learn how to create the real-life changes to take you there. 
Ward off isolation, burn out and victim mindset by joining a Global Village of like-minded parents who want to see you winning
Stay on track with your aspirations for a childhood you and your children all love - by receiving consistent practical solutions and ideas. 
Don't "let yourself go" or feel their childhood slipping through your fingers without creating the life you most desire for your family
Imagine rocking it in all of these domains... 
Present Play flows through 12 monthly themes each year. All course materials, including streaming videos, MP3s, transcripts, PDF guides and more are within our online membership site and App. 
You'll learn to create your tribe, find true meaningful connections with like minded parents and build a sustainable support system.
As a Village Rockstar you'll feel like an integral part of a supportive global village.
With this step by step approach, you'll get rid of any clutter that's bogging you down, once and for all. 
As a Declutter Gangsta you will overcome your resistance to clearing out whatever no longer serves you. 
Set up the three play zones every child needs and create spaces that flow with joy.
As a Play Architect you will confidently design play spaces your children love to play in.
Learn how to create a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly flow that reflects your values and highest joy.
As a Busy Slayer you will be 100% confident that you're spending your time wisely. 
Learn the necessary skills to be the facilitator of healthy, nourishing play that your children deserve. 
As a Play Guru you will know how to support, inspire, encourage and ignite meaningful play. 
Edit the items in your home and in your children's play spaces to reflect their interests and serve their needs.
As a Curation Diva you will have the exact items in your home that you love and use (and none that you don't). 
Unearth the little known art of setting up invitations for play, for cooperation and for any behavior you want to encourage.
As a Strew Pro you will have a regular rotation and strewing system in place. 
Get the blueprint for creating the exact life you want - even as a busy parent.
As a Manifestation Master you'll create the family life and personal growth you crave and deserve.
It's time to fill your cup - so it overflows. You'll learn to take care of yourself so that you can take care of everything and everyone else too. 
As a Self Care Queen you will prioritize your own joy and wellbeing so you can avoid burnout and victim mindset.
Establish the rituals that, over time, compound into the meaningful life you want to live. 
As a Ritual Goddess you will become committed to life long habits that bring you joy. 
Become the BOSS of the energy of the household: positive vibes, coming your way.
As an Energy Boss you will be the deciding factor of the vibes in your family's life. 
Learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully, to manage your own triggers and to spread emotional health. 
As a Peaceful Ninja you will resolve conflicts and guide your family to peaceful communication. 
When You Enroll, You'll Get These Additional Parenting Programs and Masterclasses, FREE!
The Experts Have Spoken
If you know any of the names of these parenting gurus, you know you're in for a treat: Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Carla Naumburg, Batya the Baby Coach, Hunter Clark-Fields, One Awesome Dad, Suzi Lula, Roma Khetarpal, Sue DeCaro and many more... You'll get access to all previous interviews and you'll have the chance to participate in scheduled ones for the coming year live!
Valued at $637 - included free in your Present Play membership
Your Guilt Free Global Tribe
Members call our Present Play Facebook Group, "The group of friends you wish you had just around the corner." and describe it as, "unconditional support". There's a special kind of magic here that translates from the virtual world online to real-life Present Play MeetUps which also happen - around the world.
Valued at $197 - included free in your Present Play membership
We're Listening
Share your wins and challenges with an empathic, non-judgmental and understanding ear as you also learn to practice listening skills on a regular basis through our structured opportunities to connect no matter where you live. Whether you want to pop in to your weekly POD group to chat via Zoom room video, share your parenting fears in a private call over the phone, or reach out any hour of the night on our Whatsapp Support Line before you scream - we're listening 
Valued at $297 - included free in your Present Play membership
Mega Art Supplies Guide
Consistently offering a creative outlet is a huge key to raising emotionally healthy and creative individuals. Refer to this full-color, clickable guide to get your Messy Zone set up in a functional and beautiful way, with only curated materials for some magical fun.
Valued at $33 - included free in your Present Play membership
Movement Zone Guide
With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle from the exploding digital age - getting outdoors and moving is an urgent need of our kids that we can meet. But, as anyone with young children knows, if they can’t get the movement they need outdoors, they’ll get it indoors - by literally climbing the walls (and furniture). In this guide I’ll share some insights and ideas for creating a zone in your home that invites your kids to move!
Valued at $33 - included free in your Present Play membership
Peaceful Sleep Guide
We have been culturally indoctrinated with the message that: Parenting = Exhaustion. In this guide I’m going to dispel that notion and I’ll share my personal favorite ideas that help me to prioritize sleep. It's the perfect companion guide to the videos of our library and expert sessions on sleep and creating a peaceful quiet zone. 
Valued at $33 - included free in your Present Play membership
Play Without Rivalry
Supported with a behind-the-scenes example of sibling rivalry being solved, this deep dive training will give you tools to put in action the next time your child riles with their sibling or friend. Sharing battles? Those fights are actually opportunities for your children to practice communication skills and problem solving! 
Valued at $97 - included free in your Present Play membership

"Avital offers sound, smart advice that will shift the parenting paradigm to a deeper, more mindful approach.”

Dr. Laura Markham, Author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

“A WONDERFUL concept. So many parents need this kind of instruction! Avital’s work opens up an emotionally intelligent dialogue for parents to focus on approaching parenting consciously.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author of The Awakened Family 
So Let's Sum Up.
Here's everything you get when you become a Present Player.
It’s important that you know the enormous value you’ll get in this membership. These numbers are not inflated — they’re an honest, good faith estimate since you cannot purchase components of Present Play separately. 
Present Play Core Content: 12 Monthly Themes
  • Available 24/7: You'll get access to all previously created content immediately. That's over 130 content videos!
  • Follow Along: Every month, you'll get to engage with all the new content alongside an ultra-supportive community. 
  • When YOU Need It: Go at your own pace or binge on it like Netflix. Find what you need, when you need it.
($2,997 Value)
Bonuses Guides & Trainings, etc
  • Resources at Your Finger Tips: Make shopping easy using our guides with Parenting Junkie approved products.
  •  Save Time: MEGA Art Supplies List, Movement Zone Guide, Peaceful Sleep Guide, and more with all the important stuff listed in one place.
  •  Eased Conflict: Siblings fighting? Take the "Sibling Rivalry" training included in your membership.
($197 Value)
Expert Interviews, Live Coaching and Q&A Sessions
  • An Authoritative Voice: Back up your parenting choices with research and evidence by the experts. Experts include Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Carla Naumburg, Batya the Baby Coach, Roma Khetarpal and many others.
  • New Perspectives: Get new ideas to try and personal stories to be inspired by.
  •  Personal Interaction: Engage with the experts during live sessions or get the chance to participate in virtual coaching.
($637 Value)
Deep Dive Live Sessions with Avital
  •  Live Interaction: Avital sees your comments as they appear, so you co-create these sessions with other members. Live sessions become available to view afterward as well being added to a library of over 50 sessions to listen to anytime.
  •  Momentum: The energy of these live sessions can give you exactly the momentum you need to APPLY your new knowledge and establish beneficial habits, rituals.
  •  Mindset Shifts: Re-frames of your problems and monumental shifts in your mindset surrounding parenting.
($1,197 Value)
A Global Village That Cares
  • Engaging: Our engaging Facebook community offers wise advice, compassionate support, inspiring stories and creative ideas daily.
  • Guilt-Free Zone: In Present Play, there's no such thing as being "behind", dumb questions, or a reason to feel ashamed. This is not a highlight reel - this is life that's REAL.
  •  Support 24/7: Representing nearly every time zone around the world, our members can reach out to someone no matter what time of night via our Whatsapp chat to get through the toughest times.
($197 Value)
Real Life Support, Connection and Accountability 
  • MeetUps: You can meet your fellow Present Players who live closest to you or even Avital in member-only MeetUps organized frequently around the globe.
  •  A Listening Ear: Share with your Listening Partner or small group "POD" what's been going on in your life for accountability, to practice listening skills, and therapeutically release your fears and "failures".
  • Accountability: Need THIS to reach your goals? We'll hold you to your word, and bring you back to your original intentions.
($297 Value)
Total Present Play Value: 
Your Total Present Play Investment:

"I work from home and my son went from playing independently for about 45 min/day to 2 hours/day and some days almost 3 hours. That's an extra $6000 over the past year from working those extra hours at home. 

For a family that was struggling to pay for rent and groceries, this was a HUGE win....So thanks Present Play! Totally paid for itself in our case.
(Present Play Member from Ottawa, Canada)

We're here for the long haul.
The investment to be a Member of Present Play is $300 each year. You can stay for just one year, or stay for more (like the majority of our members).

Any member who stays for 5 consecutive years will earn Lifetime Membership status for as long as we’re running Present Play - that means you can stay without paying another cent.

As a community, we plan to raise our kids together well into their teens. So our plan is to make you fall in love with us, to create a place where you feel cosy and at home so you to stay forever.

Here's the Proof that Present Play Works.
Real Parents, Real Results.
"Avital’s empathic nature and vulnerability is so nurturing."
"Avital’s empathic nature and vulnerability is so nurturing; and encouraging in our mindful parenting journeys. Thank you abundantly for this Avital; this relatability and her own admission of her humanity makes all her content (which holds your hand to grow) digestible. Thank you Avital and team <3"
"What a gift to parents and children all over the world."
"I love this space and all the videos, especially the new series on abundance, flow, manifesting, self-care. What a gift to parents and children all over the world that Avital Schreiber-levy has found this calling where she shines brilliantly. Your passion, authenticity, and genius at what you do will continue inspiring thousands of parents to live more truly and peacefully. "
"The Membership has been a total game-changer for my family! My kids are playing more and fighting less. They are more joyful, flexible and content than ever before. I am feeling more confidence and clarity in my parenting decisions and so much more relaxed and hopeful about all my parenting goals!"
"My kids really couldn't play alone..."
Tanya, mother of 3
"I was feeling the hardships of parenting..."
Leah, mother of 2
"Game changer unlike anything else..."
Xavi, mother of 2
"Night and day! While my son may still have his whining, nagging moments, I've learned to help him get back into play easily and for much longer periods of time."
- Rebeca
"My girls really are blossoming."
"After making zones for the toddler & baby in their playroom, spending more one on one quality time, minimizing my toddler wardrobe so their are less options=less debating on what to wear in the morning (she chooses her outfits that are secretly mommy and kindergarten approved) :) & just remaining calm and motivated. It’s all thanks to Avital. My girls really are blossoming!"
"It's changed my everyday life."
"You and your content have been my eye-opening companion! It's changed my everyday life! Chores, mess, children's behavior, my reactivity, screen time! DECLUTTERING became another main focus of mine - my space, children’s space, inner space ;) PP COMMUNITY!!! How accepted and appreciated I felt every time I reached out for help from Present Players!" 
"I regained perspective and purpose."
"I cannot thank you enough for the practical tips and approach of Present Play. It has changed the way I parent and I thank you for the clarity that it gave me as a mom. I regained perspective and purpose." 
"Becoming the mother I knew I could be."
"Thank you so much!! This has been a catalyst helping me become the mother I knew I could be. Let the growth and journey continue!"
"Present Play is the need of the time."
Amina, mother of 2
"I wasn't sleeping. I wasn't taking care of myself..."
Jenna, mother of 3
"I wanted to find something that worked..."
Dani, mother of 2
"The membership is the most important tool for learning to be a peaceful parent. The wealth of ideas for any aspect of play and life is just wonderful."
- Anita
"I wasn't conscious, I wasn't present. I was just getting through the day..."
Layla, mother of 3
"I was finding it really hard to connect with anybody else that wanted to parent along the same lines as me..."
Samantha, mother of 4
"The transformation in how we interact and connect... you can't put a price tag on that."
Marianna, mother of 3
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I Locked Into a Contract?
No. On the Annual Plan: $300 is the recurring yearly fee. You can cancel your membership anytime up to 30 days before the next billing cycle. On the Payment Plan: $30/12 months will autorenew unless you cancel your membership anytime up to 30 days before the next billing cycle. 
"I've been watching Avital's videos about play on youtube - they're pure gold to me. I'm wondering what else there is to learn in Present Play?"
Present Play is definitely not all about watching hours of videos in order to see results. When you consider the guilt-free supportive Facebook Group, expert sessions, the listening pods, the in person meetups... even if you utilize just one of the features - like the Facebook group or the listening PODS (video chats with other Present Players in your time zones) - just once in a while, you're totally getting your money's worth.

As a community, we plan to raise our kids together well into their teens. So our plan is to make you fall in love with us, feel cosy and at home so that you stay 'forever'.

That being said, Present Play includes a MEGA LIBRARY of over 130 inspirational videos ranging from 5-70 minutes long 

Topics covered are:
Village Rockstar - Build a community, get help, feel connected and supported
Declutter Gangsta - Say goodbye to the clutter in your home and hello to minimalism
Play Architect - Set up the Play Zones your kids need
Busy Slayer - Find your flow - reinvent your daily, weekly and monthly rhythyms 
Play Guru - Support your children with the right words, actions and approach to play 
Curation Diva - Create and find the right toys, tools and gear for you and your child
Strew Pro - Create inticing play invitations and prompts 
Manifestation Master - Become clear about your vision for your family and how to get what you want
Self Care Queen - Deeply nourish your mind, body and soul
Ritual Goddess - Create the actions that reflect your family values
Energy Boss - Be the firm, empathic leader of your family 
Peaceful Ninja - Address family conflict and create peaceful relationships

" 'Hours of content' worries me - I don't have many hours to watch videos! Will I be able to enjoy the membership? What lengths are the videos?" 
You definitely do not need to watch hours of video in order to be getting bang for your buck in Present Play. Videos range from 5-70 minutes long and you can listen to them while folding laundry, running or commuting - most of them do not demmand your visual attention. You can pick and choose the topics that are most relevant for you right now and you can disregard the rest - they're there for you when you're ready.  Just like joining a gym doesn't mean you need to utilize all the machines in order to see results - in Present Play you can find the things that work for you. 

Remember - people are paying $300 for just one coaching session with Avital which means you're getting a sweet deal even if you just use a fraction of what's on offer in Present Play. 
Can I gift someone a Present Play membership?
Yes. Here’s how to give the gift of Present Play to someone you love:

1. Transfer your gift amount via Paypal or Venmo to your recipient
2. Use this image to let them know you’ve contributed to their yearly membership tuition 
3. Ensure they sign up using their own information and payment using this link: by 7pm ET May 15, 2019

We realize it’s fancier to be able to send them the membership directly, however #technology… So that we can properly manage their billing and membership questions, they do need to sign up under their own name and using their own billing information. Gifting them the funds towards their membership will allow them to do just that - and we’re sure they’ll thank you! 
 Is there a direct relationship with Avital for people in the program?
Present Play is like Avital’s inner circle. You will have more interaction with Avital via our private Facebook Group (please be aware that she can't respond to every single Facebook comment), but she is most active in this group and holds LIVE Q & A sessions which are interactive! 
How much time is invested?
The weekly time investment varies greatly depending on your personal goals. It's up to you!  Even if you're watching one video a week - at about 10-20 minutes  - you're totally getting your money's worth! We do recommend aiming to log in at least once a week to keep what you're learning fresh and top of mind. But there's no guilt if you need to take a little break and come back later. 

You can do any or all of the following:
10 - 20 minutes/ week: Watch one video!
20 - 40 minutes/ week: Put something you've learned into action.
40-60 minutes/ week - Participate in the listening PODS (these are throughout the day on Monday, available for your convinience).
1-1.5 hours/ week - Catch an expert interview or read a PDF guide and do the excersizes.
1 hour/ month - Tune into and participate in a live session with Avital (there's always a replay).

Present Play is very actionable and will give you doable tips for actually being Present and enjoying your parenting - not distract you from the core things you want and need to focus on right now. 
How is this different than the free content at
If you want to be inspired from time to time at leisure, then enjoying just the free content on the blog is for you. 

But if you want to see change in your life happen on an actionable level, and commit to making real changes and see results in creating the family life that you want, then Present Play is for you. Present Play content is the actionable, supported, practical HOW TO with topics and depth found no where else.
How is the content delivered? (I’m not tech savvy!) 
You will receive weekly emails with links to videos, PDF's or audio in the members-only area. You can also download the transcript! So you can learn at your own pace and in your own style. All of the materials are easy to access and demand nothing from you. Plus we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

It is recommended that you have good internet connection at least once a week to access the new content. This content can be accessed on a computer, tablet or phone - it even comes in a mobile friendly App!
I have a baby and I’m really new to all this, is this for me?
Yes! It’s amazing when you can start out early – and although some of the information won’t be relevant just yet, you’ll be preparing for what’s coming next and learning from experienced parents. Plus you’ll get to avoid a ton of the “mistakes” the rest of us have made (or at least you’ll see them coming!)
So you guarantee my kid will play independently?
Erm in a word – no. How each child plays is as unique as their fingerprints. Temperament, environment, attachment, personality, health, developmental stage… all these and more contribute to the content, cadence and character of a child’s play. 

The ideas you’ll receive in Present Play will help you to become more attuned to your child and yourself and figure out what expectations are realistic and how to amplify what’s working well for you.
What about school aged kids? Is this for them?
Well yes… and no. We are going to be approaching fundamentals of PLAY - and play is relevant for all ages of children (and adults too!). There are several videos dedicated to the Pre-Teen age as well.

But we won’t be covering the traditional approach to education – we won’t be covering homework battles, educational styles, or bullying in a school setting. If school aged children are home a lot, and have ample time for prioritizing play – than this is for them.
Is my home too small?
No. We will look at designing spaces and solutions in homes with and without storage, with and without a playroom, with and without a yard. All you need is a flexible, open mind and the belief that you can make it work.
Is there a Payment Plan?
Yes, there’s 12 month payment plan option for $30/ month. Your membership will auto renew annually unless you cancel 30 days in advance of your next annual billing cycle. When you choose the payment plan, you commit to 12 payments of $30 each year you stay.
How long does the membership last?
Enrollment happens once a year and your upfront $300 membership tuition covers 12 months. Both payment options recur annually automatically unless you cancel within 30 days of your next annual bill date (the date that you join). You can stay for one year (request to cancel by April 1, 2020) or stay forever: Any member who stays for 5 consecutive years will unlock lifetime membership for as long as we’re running Present Play. And we’re here for the long haul. 
Can I get a discount?
Every year we offer scholarship enrollments prior to the doors opening in May and we’re proud to offer scholarships to many members around the globe to make it a possibility for everyone who applies. We can offer no further discounts on Present Play after our scholarships have been granted, however if its beyond your budget at this time, please enjoy the vast amount of free videos, podcasts and articles that The Parenting Junkie offers. 
Why does Present Play cost $300? Why isn’t this free? 
In order to provide the high quality content, continual support and true sense of community - we need to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our business.

We’ve priced Present Play at less than a dollar a day because we know that whilst out of reach for some, this is a no-brainer for most of our community. The quality and quantity of the support and content you receive is unparalleled and we’re commonly told it’s worth about 10x more than its price tag. 
Where does my money go?
Your tuition fees help us fuel our machine, so to speak. In order to continue to produce content, show up for our community and serve at the highest level we need to pay for technology, software, equipment, programmers, editors, all manner of freelancers, and of course support our small-but-mighty-team of work-from-home mamas. To do all of that and continue consistently for the long haul, we need to charge for our services, just like any other business.

Every member of our team has given up another job in order to serve our community. Bringing you the work we do demands immense time, energy, effort and investment, all of which we feel incredibly privileged to be able to provide in a sustainable manner.  
We are passionately a not-just-for-proft business with big philanthropic goals, and we consistently give back 10% of Profits to Plan International, an organization who empower the youngest and most marginalized in communities around the world so they can achieve their full potential. 
Why isn't it cheaper?
As the saying goes, cheap is cheap. And whilst many people write in wondering why Present Play is so inexpensive - others are scratching their heads at the price tag. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all. If you want to frame up the pricing of this program, consider this: Fifty minutes of one-on-one coaching with Avital costs $300 - and not to brag but she has a looong waitlist. For the price of just one session with her - you’ll be getting a years worth of access to over 130 videos, 67 live sessions, 24 expert interviews, priceless support and community connections… If you ask us, it’s the deal of the century. 
I have more questions, what should I do?
You can use the chatbot on this page to write in questions, be sure to leave your email address in case we need to get back to you. You can also email we would love to help you out as quickly as we can. 
Present Play is for parents of young children (the recommended age bracket is 0 - 9) who want to take part in a supportive community, get inspired and intentionally design the life they want for themselves and their kids.

If you want to learn how to facilitate deep, immersive, imaginary play for your child(ren) - Present Play is for you.

If you want to manage melt downs with equanimity, sibling rivalry with grace and be the happiest mama or papa you can be - Present Play is for you. 

If you want to declutter, minimize and simplify and put decision fatigue in the past - Present Play is for you.

If you want to reconnect to nature, to a slower pace of life and to a sense of flow in your day - Present Play is for you. 
Ideal members fall into one of these categories:
You want to prioritize Play for your children
If your child doesn't sink into deep play, is addicted to screens or overwhelmed by toys - or your little baby is just starting to show signs of independent play and you want to ensure you have the right set up, toys and materials to support it further...

Present Play is designed for you.
You want to feel more Present in your life.
If you sense that you're distracted and not "showing up" for your life as a mama. If you feel that you're always hustling, busy, busy, busy and unable to stop and smell the roses. Or if you're so confused by all the parenting info out there - that your head is left spinning...

Present Play is designed for you.
You're striving to be a Peaceful Parent.
Maybe you sense that the yelling, bribing, punishing isn't helping - and you want to support your children's emotional health - but you yourself feel frazzled, anxious worried or even a tad depressed at times...

Present Play is designed for you.

You are suffering from mental illness, addictions or clinical depression - I urge you to seek professional help. 

If you're cynical about peaceful parenting and are joining to "boo" other parents. 

If you're addicted to drama and like to start - or continue - arguements on Facebook. 

If you're not an open minded, caring, and passionate individual who appreciates and celebrates diversity in a community. 

There are two types of people in this world - those who make excuses and those who make change. I'm only interested in working with action-takers, with people who are ready to open their minds and with people who don't make excuses or blame others when things get challenging. 

If you're a big hearted action-taker who's ready to put in your whole, then Present Play is for you.

Are you ready to be part of a tribe and a movement that supports you and your parenting style? 
You might think it's a waste of energy as your child and your home and your parenting experience can't change. 

But draw on the experience of over 1,000 parents from more than 45 countries around the world and ask yourself... if it worked for them, why shouldn't it work for you?
You might think I don't have time - which is why this process is tailor made for busy parents like you and me. Videos that you can watch whenever you have a moment, or listen to, or read. 

Of course, anything worth doing takes time, but it can be - literally - just a minute a day of reminding yourself of the intention you're setting for your parenting - that will make a radical shift in your life. 

Plus, this will help you create space and time for the things that truly matter.
Of course, we're parents so we have to be mindful of how we spend our hard earned $$. But let me ask you - is a happy, peaceful, play filled childhood worth the investment of what many of us spend on few cups of coffee each month? 

And more than that - can we really afford not to invest in this? 

You can't afford to continue feeling overwhlemed and under cared for, right?
Ask yourself: What would a Playful, Present, Peaceful family life be worth to you? Can you even put a price on that?
Present Play is a the Netflix for Intentional Parents.
What would authentic, practical strategies for intentional parenting be worth to you? 

What would less overwhelm and more connection, less conflict and more play, less distraction and more presence mean in your life?

The transformations you want to have happen will be up to you - it takes emotional work, and some rearranging. But the steps to follow are clear and simple. 

Whether you're struggling with sibling rivalry, clinginess or massive melt downs or just feeling you're not 'keeping up' with your own tail, Present Play will support you in taking your parenting to the highest level. It’s designed to inspire and encourage, to hold your hand as both your coach and your cheerleader.

If you’ve read this far, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one idea in Present Play...

...helps you to be the parent you always knew you could be?

...helps you to offer your children a childhood of joy?

...helps you to support your children's emotional health and wellbeing? 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t miss your chance to finally start living the life you’ve been dreaming of.
When parents join Present Play they typically...

Go from: Chaos, Clutter, Conflict, Confusion and Clinginess

To: Presence, Peace and Play.

Sounds good, right?

Take Gemma, for example, a teacher and behavior therapist, who was second guessing herself at every turn.
"I heard about Present Play at the time when I really needed the support. My eldest wasn't playing on his own, he was always tantruming, hitting his baby brother, I was overwhelmed by the housework and clutter. I was second guessing myself at every turn"

My background is in child development and teaching and I had worked as a behavior therapist for years but I could not get myself together.

Immediately after getting my membership I started listening to your videos every chance I got. I absorbed it all and I started to notice how well my baby was playing on his own and eventually saw small changes in my toddler. 

The house started to get decluttered. I started to be calmer, and then actually start to enjoy my days. And then I had time (especially with less clutter) to remember and return to my passions in life. I was starting to heal my childhood pain. These last few days I've been relating to my children from pure love. It's been the most wonderful snowball effect." - Gemma
Or look at Carrie and her husband, who were angry every day. Their son was aggressive and needed constant attention.
BEFORE: "My husband and I got angry every day. It hurt to love my oldest son. I was in a constant state of fear. I felt insecure all the time. I yelled, and I even physically hurt my son at times. My son showed aggressive behavior. He did not play by himself. He asked for our attention constantly."
AFTER: More and more peaceful days started to come. I became confident as a mother. I am no longer scared, I no longer feel insecure. On the contrary, being a mother has become a joy and something that gives me energy. My son calmed down. His aggressive behavior subsided. My children started playing independently
"Joining Present Play was the best thing I could have done for me and my family. And considering I have only watched about 15% of the content, that is quite miraculous I would say." 
- Carrie
If you've read this far - you’re meant to be here.

Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering, “It doesn’t have to be this way. I'm meant to ENJOY this time...”

Or maybe you’re feeling that mix of anticipation and fear because you believe in a different kind of family life — but you haven’t yet figured out how to turn it into reality.

Your inner voice is correct, your intuition doesn't lie. 
You’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can personally achieve, and you know it. But my guess is since you’re reading this, you’re ready to change all that. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working parent, a first time dad, whether you're frustrated by lack of connection, communication, trust, time or alignment — whoever you are and whatever you're worried about, there’s one thing that’s certain:
Reclaiming PLAY as the pillar of your home and PRESENCE as the pillar of your parenting - can profoundly change the quality of yours and your children's life.
This is how we protect childhood and give our kids what they need and want.

I know this firsthand. After 4 children, and 6 years of Parent Coaching, with thousands of lives touched, I can honestly say that investing in a playful, peaceful present home for your children is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can experience in this lifetime. 

And one of the most meaningful things we can do for our kids, as parents. 

I also believe that our world will improve for everyone  when more families are transformed into hubs of connection, by people like you.

Which is why I’d love you to join Present Play. 

We’ll help you declutter, set boundaries, design your space, manage conflict, reframe your mindset, communicate effectively, connect deeply and save you years of frustration and resentment.

And perhaps most importantly - you'll connect with like minded parents from around the world, forming a long lasting web of meaningful relationships that are there to support you, champion you and cheer you on. 
Support your baby in learning to play independently from the get go
We've even had some little Present Players join the membership while they were still in utero! There is no such thing as "too early" to start applying principals of Presence, Play and Peace. 
Learn how to effectively coach siblings through conflict 
Oh I know sibling conflict can be maddening - but it doesn't have to be (at least not all of the time). There's plenty we CAN do to help create and foster a non-competitive environment at home and the skills to solve conflict with equanimity. 
Declutter and design a space you'll all love
Clutter is rated as one of the top stressors for today's modern mother. It's no small thing. But decluttering isn't as easy as it sounds as there's plenty of guilt, worry and attachment wrapped up in our "stuff". We want to ensure you're feeling pampered and relaxed at home - which will become a reality by applying minimalism and getting a good solid storage system in place (you'll soon see how). 
Find the village of like minded parents you've been craving
Hey maybe you're the lucky unicorn who has a whole village of like-minded parents living right near by you. But most of us feel truly isolated in our parenting approach. If you want to connect more to nature, slow down and parent kindly - you're probably in the minority (sad!). But we're NOT designed to go this alone. That's why the online world can be a life saver - providing us with answers, comraderie, support and validation we might never have found otherwise.
Feel confidence in supporting your child's emotional health
Kids... they come with melt downs, fears, anxieties, difficult and aggressive behaviors, confusing temperements and major developmental leaps... but they don't come with a manual. 
Drawing on the latest research and most profound work of our mentors - we'll learn together how to best support their emotional growth.
Curate the materials, toys and home that support your values and vision
Find the toys, the materials and the books that support your child's interest, developmental stage and temperament - and don't break the bank in the process. 
Reconnect with nature and simple living
Getting outside and feeling more connected to mother earth has so many proven benefits - but it can be hard to prioritize when our culture isn't "for it". Present Play will encourage you to get outside more, no matter the weather. 
Bring art, mess and creative expression into your home in the best possible way
I know many of us are afraid of getting messy! Mess can be triggering! But it's so important for young kids (and adults!) to have free creative license and exploration. Let's make that a mainstay in your home, minus the stress. 
Our community and the Parenting Junkie Team are incredibly excited to welcome you into our tribe and to be part of our movement. - All Rights Reserve - Copyright @ 2019